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BeeHut Basic Set for Spring and Summer Bees
BeeHut Basic Set for Spring and Summer Bees

BeeHut Basic Set for Spring and Summer Bees

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BeeBasics Kit includes:

  • BeeHut house (Size:  9 1/2"deep x 3 1/2" diameter)
  • 25 BeeTubes for spring bees
  • 25 BeeTubes for summer bees
  • Choice of Mason Bees OR Leaf Cutter Bees

This dual season kit  ships year round.  Bee house and nesting holes will ship at time of order.  Bees will ship "in season" per date(s) selected.

Mason bees are mailed February through April of each year.   

Mason bee cocoons can be ordered early and easily stored in your refrigerator and put outdoors when daytime temps are in the low to mid-50's or warmer AND there are open blossoms readily available for them.  Be sure to set out your spring cocoons by May 1 to ensure that bees emerge healthy with sufficient energy to begin their work.

Summer leafcutter bees ship May through August.  Not sure when to have your summer leafcutter bees delivered?  Consider two things.  One:  these bees need daytime temps in the 70's or warmer.  Two:  what are you trying to pollinate?  These bees are a generalists and will pollinate a variety of flowers.  If you are seeking to pollinate flowering summer vegetables in your garden, consider when these plants will actually flower. Summer bees will arrive ready for immediate placement outdoors.

Leafcutter bees fly best when temperatures are in the high 70's or warmer!

Note:  Spring mason bees are not recommended for Alaska and gulf regions of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.  Current agricultural restrictions prohibit the shipment of mason bees to the state of Hawaii. 

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